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zion birdsong

Zion Birdsong Says,

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Hi World! Over the past four years while constructing my album and doing research, Ive found that the majority of music lovers want tasteful music. Most of them want to be able to listen to an album all the way through without losing interest and want music for their children that excludes explicit content. They also want music that is positive without sacrificing quality and flavor and they want music that has longevity. To have those components, lyrics have to come from the heart and, more importantly, must speak to the heart. Because this is often not the case, the radio has become unsatisfactory to many people and albums are disregarded. Nevertheless, I have come to understand what most great musicians have come understand: love never fails! Love is the coating that makes any message easy to digest and appreciate. It is what people desire to have, give, and understand. Therefore, in order for me to launch a successful music career I must be mindful of being rooted and grounded in love. It is my sincere hope that this album is a pick-me-up for all of you who support my efforts to bring the world tasteful music.

– Zion Birdsong