What is Your WHY … and What is Your PASSION … Everybody has something SPECIAL to share with the world, but they lack the TEAM to back them up! If you’re serious, we’d like to hear from you.

 Your Calling is Our God Given Purpose. We Stand Behind Our Clients 110%. Bottomline: If you want to compete on the web, we are the experts to turn to. If you have something special to share with the world BUT need an OUTLET for the MASSIVE EXPOSURE we are the professionals to trust with your project.

‘I’m tryin’ to tell my people where I’m located online. They’re finding something new everytime they Google. I really appreciate you dude.”

– Zion Birdsong, EARcandi Tasteful Music

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Do you know your calling in life but you don’t know where to start?

So many people LIKE “YOU” have made up their minds that they’re going to pursue that “Calling” With Purpose-Driven Passion!


You’ve come to the right place … Manifest Your Dreams Publicity, Marketing & PR

These are some of the Strategic Digital, Viral Marketing and Promotional, PR, Advertising, Media Relations Services we offer our prospective clients as of today. YOU CAN HIRE ME TO BE YOUR VERY OWN BRAND PUBLICIST, and The Cool Thing is You Can Act Today!

Your plan will be tailored to your needs after one of our staff members speaks to you on the telephone or skype, because everybody we work with has special talents and unique needs 🙂

A lot of people ask me what “exactly” do you do .. well here you go. Here is a list of some services I can perform:

Brand Development and / or Management

Business Plan / PR Plan. We can also give you all of the following minus or plus some depending on your specific needs & desires

WEB EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

Print/Hard-Copy Press Kit

Flash Website

WordPress Blog integrated with your WEB EPK and Flash Website

SEO – Search Engine Visibility / Optimization (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

Traffic Generation for Maximum Exposure to Your Website, Blog, Landing, Capture, Squeeze and/or EPK

Website / Blog Monetized (Email Opt In Forms, etc.) and Adsense, Affiliate Programs, Clickbank, Amazon, etc.

Email Marketing / Newsletter

News / Press Release Writing & Distribution

(Traditional) Pitching Media / Media Relations

Inbound / Attraction / “CONTENT, INC” Marketing

Sponsoring, Endorsements

Article Marketing / Journalism / Blog Writing

Video Marketing

Twitter Campaigns

Contextual Backlinks

Banner Advertising (We have “2” two partner media outlets online to display your ADs to Thousands; also additional blogs and websites within our “network”)

Talent Shows /Event Planning (in development)

Event Marketing / Promotion

Sponsored Stories (Review Placement On Other Online Channels & Media Outlets)

Facebook Group (unlimited promotion and moderating)

Facebook Business / Brand Page (unlimited promotion and moderating)

Unlimited Social Media Marketing For a Lifetime

HQ Active Twitter Followers
HQ Twitter Retweets
HQ Twitter Likes

Real-Genuine Facebook Likes

Youtube Subscribers
Youtube Views
Youtube Favorites
Youtube Comments

Soundcloud “Plays”

Spotify “Plays

Songcast Views

Book You on INTERVIEWS for Radio shows and TV shows

TV & Radio Advertising (in development & with sufficient investment)

Website & Blog Advertising

Google / Facebook (PTC) Advertising (with sufficient investment)

Yellow Pages / YELP / /

Soundcloud & MySpace Promo (other related sites)

Dreams Publicity (sign on as a client) and you’ll have YOUR OWN PAGE ON SITE DEDICATED TO ‘you” !!!

Creation & Distribution of Banners & Flyers

Your Very Own Street Team!

Content Syndication for PRs, Articles, Videos, Blog Posts, etc.

*For Musicians and Public Speakers* Book Live Performances!* (in development)

*Negotiate CD Cuts!* (in development)

*Negotiate Radio Air Play* (in development)

*Your Talent Showcased in Film & Television* (in development)

Traditional “hands-on” Public Relations Work!

PR Twists, Angles and Pushes (We’re Creative!!!)

VIP Treatment Package = Act as Publicist

Appoint a Manager (if you need one)

Appoint a Vocal Coach (if you need one)

Legal Referral (if you need legal representation)

Record Studio Referral


OUR SPECIALTY (You get this whether you want it or not):

Brand Monitoring / Personal Branding (We have software in place that helps us track 99.9% of “All things said about you or your brand online”)

Corporate Responsibility (We believe “even” the Entertainer is Running a Business. They Are The Business!)

Crisis PR (We deal with negative issues corresponding to your brand in a timely, prompt and professional manner).


Unlimited Networking “on your behalf” both Online & Offline (With our creative PR angles, the list goes on and on … you’re sure to see success after only one year of being one of our clients).


Do you want to get noticed or reach that next level in your career?

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Your Calling is Our God Given Purpose – I stand behind my clients 110%


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