How Small Business Can Gift Their Facebook a Facelift [INFOGRAPHIC]

By now most businesses have realized the growth potential that an active Facebook account can bring, but not everyone is seeing the results. With over one billion Facebook users around the world, this is one marketing tool that should not be overlooked. If your Facebook page is not bringing the results you had hoped for, try giving it a facelift with this helpful guide by Intuit as they unlock the secrets of Facebook in the infographic below.

Facebook posts that are short – between 100 and 250 characters – get 60% more likes, comments, and shares. Photo albums, pictures, and videos tend to get the most engagement. Pay attention to your page statistics and optimize your posts to be updated at the times when most people engage with your content. Send yourself reminders until it becomes habit. This will make your posts more likely to pop into more news feeds. It’s important to use a consistent tone and brand personality for all posts. With these tips and the others below, you will bring your brand the exposure it deserves.

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Article by Curt Bizelli

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