That Dang – Stupid 2000 Stumbling Block On Twitter and How To Get Past It


Okay, so even though twitter has been around for years, and many know the tricks of the trade, there are those too, who are just joining the network and have no clue how to get past the dang 2000 stumbling block.

What is the 2000 stumbling block on Twitter?

Well, let’s look at it this way. Unless you’re a celebrity, the only way to increase your followers is by following other people on twitter. When you’ve followed 2000 people, twitter will stop you from being able to follow anybody else if you haven’t gained enough followers yet. There are a few tricks of the trade I’m going to share with you, and as always … I offer complete professional service if you’d like for me to take care of this problem for you.

Step #1

Unfollow the people that are not following you as well as the people that have not tweeted in a month or more.

Step #2

Once you’ve gone through and unfollowed these specific people, follow some new people. SOME of them will follow you back.

Step #3

Rinse and Repeat

Here’s where you can get started!

Article by Curt Bizelli

Curt "CBiz" Bizelli is a dedicated, Christian Entrepreneur assisting others with passion and purpose. Anointed CEO of Manifest Your Dreams ™ & @PoweredByTruth Eternal Affairs Media ™ outlet ... Speaking TRUTH & LIFE! Publicist & Viral Marketing Strategist, and Activist & Watchman of The End Times!


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