What Happens On The Internet, Stays On The Internet …


I’m sure you’ve heard it said time and time again, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” … well, the same is very much true for the world wide web. Even if you don’t visually see something such as a removed video from youtube or removed blog post, etc…. it still exists and savvy prospects can look this material up quite easily via sites like WayBackMachine.com … The Point Is … “What happens on the Internet, Stays on the Internet”.

Remember, if you’re serious about building a business and building a brand, you have to be under the assumption that somebody is always watching you, because somebody most likely always is.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my online career, but I always deal with crisis in an effective, time relevant manner. What is a Crisis?

With even as little as 1,000 Facebook Fans, you can have a crisis. (for i.e. You own a chinese restaurant and somebody posts to your page wall that you’re serving up cats & dogs). This could immediately escalate into comment after comment until google picks up the red flag, indexes this content as “fresh” and before you know it, media picks up on it … and you’ve lost all of your customers and prospects.

It is true that people are always talking behind your back. I’m drinking a Red Bull. Do they know I just mentioned them? .. if they have the proper brand monitoring software in place, they do! But would YOU?

Here are some tips to get you on the right track, monitoring your brand online as well as dealing with issues / crisis as they arrive.

  1. Use social networks “messaging” (i.e. Instead of tweeting a business partner or leaving a comment with information related to your confidential business activities, leave a message or DM) … this goes for as little as a plan to write a new blog post in some instances. If somebody is always watching you, they will steal that idea before you get a chance to manifest it. Its taken me a long time to understand the true importance of this. I often still make the mistake (out of convenience) of posting a comment instead of privately messaging somebody or DMing. For the longest time, until I started using Hootsuite, I didn’t even monitor DMs.
  2. Google Alerts & Brand Monitoring Software (these are two fantastic, inexpensive services for tracking your brand online). Make sure to stay on top of these things. You never know when a crisis may hit and you’ll be forced to take immediate action.
  3. Check your brand pages everyday, regardless if you’re used to something being posted there everyday or not. (get in the habit now before your brand grows larger; maybe even appoint somebody trusted within your business to do this for you).
  4. Deal with issues as they arise, and immediately address concerns privately. (if one person comments, its best to reply privately as opposed to fueling the fire).
  5. Deal with issues as they arise, and immediately address concerns publicly. (if more than a few comments, “promptly” address the concerns publicly).
  6. Track your twitter hashtags (this may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people I run into that start tweeting a hashtag and never follow up with what may be being said).
  7. Attend PRweb and Hubspot Webinars to gain understanding of public relations and crisis prevention as well as social media marketing tactics.
  8. Contact website owners that are displaying “items relevant to your brand” and take the proper action (ask them to remove it, change it, or add something if it doesn’t exist). All of these should be common sense except for “add something”, in this case you would be adding material to the internet to push bad search results for your brand name back in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
  9. Make connections with the media! This can help leverage your brand awareness, by immediately addressing concerns if they arise. The same goes for very influential bloggers. We call these advocates for your brand because if they say something, people listen!
  10. Hire a company like ours to handle your PR including Brand Monitoring & Crisis Prevention for you! 1-314-227-0969


This will help you down the road, if your company becomes larger and more influential with a broader reach.

Contact me today for your PR needs.


God Bless Your Success,

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Article by Curt Bizelli

Curt "CBiz" Bizelli is a dedicated, Christian Entrepreneur assisting others with passion and purpose. Anointed CEO of Manifest Your Dreams ™ & @PoweredByTruth Eternal Affairs Media ™ outlet ... Speaking TRUTH & LIFE! Publicist & Viral Marketing Strategist, and Activist & Watchman of The End Times!

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