What is a PR Plan and How do I Create a PR Plan for Effective Public Relations?

Over the next couple of months, however long it takes me to finish studying the current book I’m reading for business, “Public Relations for Dummies”, I’ll be sharing some knowledge I learn as well as some tidbits of information from the book.

Here we’ll start with How to Create an Effective PR Plan .. the outline that its formatted in as well as my own personal example. 🙂

What is a PR Plan?


For the sake of time: A PR Plan is a Marketing Plan (much like a Business Plan) except focusing on the individual marketing tactic of PR within your business. PR can work for all sorts of businesses or public figures (which in my opinion, Public Figures & Entertainers ARE IN FACT OPERATING A BUSINESS). Their product is either themselves or the skill they’ve attained by God and honed through study and practice. PR would be my skill, and I’m offering it to you for a price, but according to my Attraction Marketing Policy, this information is Free of Charge! Bottom Line: If you have a brand, You need PR.

How Do I Create a PR Plan For Effective Public Relations?

Here is the outline as outlined by “PR for Dummies” …

1. Overview: An executive summary of the marketing challenge you’re facing that the PR campaign is designed to help you meet.

2. Goals: What you want the PR campaign to achieve for your firm.

3. Strategies: The methods by which you will achieve your goals.

4. Target Audience: The types of people who you want to reach.

5. Key Target Media: The specific publications and programs toward which you will direct your PR efforts (Radio, Television, Print, Online)

6. Recommendations: Which of the PR Tactics are you going to use; other idea; the theme; hook & angle for each tactic

7. Next Steps: An action plan for who does what and when.

… My Own Personal Example of a PR Plan

1. Overview: Our marketing challenge is obtaining new clients. This PR plan is designed to address these issues and attempt to correct them.

2. Goals: We’d like more paying clients.

3. Strategies: Attraction Marketing, Publicity, Internet Marketing including but not limited to Email, Articles, and Social Media.

4. Target Audience: Entertainers, Musicians, Singers

5. Key Target Media: Dreams Publicity Blog, When Magazine, When Its Time to Be Discovered, Contacts in Online Radio, When Mag Radio, Film Industry Contacts, Music & Entertainment Blogs, Social Media Sites & YouTube

6. Recommendations: A hook would be to include a special feature on When Its Time to Be Discovered | When Magazine featuring specific YouTube Artists with the intent to draw attention to other Up & Coming YouTube Artists.

7. Next Steps: Contact Industry Execs., Publish Material, Scout YouTube, etc.

… This is real information so without going into my business’s specific plan details, I hope this helps you with your endeavors creating an effective PR Plan for Public Relations.

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As always, your comments & retweets, diggs, etc. are greatly appreciated if you received something valuable from this article post.

SOURCE: “Public Relations For Dummies”

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