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I’m excited to be learning all of the great PR lessons that have presented themselves to me over the past challenging 4 years, first taking up small time, online promotional gigs as CSI Talent Agency and moving on from there. I’ve decided I’m ready take that next step and do whatever it takes to make my dream of being a professional publicist (hopefully on Music Row one day) become a reality. What about you? What are you doing today to make your dreams become reality?

(VIDEO BELOW, But before we get into this video, please allow me to share some thoughts with you that may “just help”)

One thing I’ve noticed is that the successful and unsuccessful people in life, both do  repetitive tasks on a daily basis. The difference is the tasks that they are taking to get them to where they are going. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results” … well if you think about it, IT DOES SOUND QUITE INSANE. Some of the things you may be doing may be holding you back from your potential such as worrying, complaining, blaming .. the list goes and on. The successful people in life do things that work instead of ones that don’t. They’ve learned to model the behavior of successful people before them and they do it well. There is nothing holding you back. You just must be “willing” to do some honest analysis of what you are doing that is working and not working. Another thing I noticed is that I may not like some of the tasks that work. Yes, as passionate as I am about my career and my calling in life, there may be some small tasks that I really do not enjoy all that much, yet I still need to do them. You may not want to hire a team. HEY! I UNDERSTAND! I’m the same way. I’m very hesitant about who I trust business details with or who I outsource to. You may be afraid to go outside your “inner circle” of friends and family for advice. You may even be afraid of the new level of success you’ll achieve (beyond your control <– key words) that hiring someone like me, a publicist could offer you. I understand. Its stepping out on “nothing” to hopefully find something there  … but its required sometimes if you truly want success. I could go into so much detail, but we’ll save that for another blog post. It is basically the Risk Vs. Reward rule! 😉

I’m going to be strictly honest with you. I dreamed of having a sister entertainment site to “When Magazine” here at “aka”, but I now know that this is not the best approach for my business. I stopped and thought about my target audience. Are they people who are wanting to be entertained? or are they wanting to better their careers? After doing a poll on Facebook and much networking, I found that most people that arrive on this site and follow this site are seeking PR Tips. Not only that, they expect this from me. All along, I’ve been giving Pro Bono Entertainment! How would I have known if I didn’t stop and analyze what I was doing right or wrong? .. sometimes we must change our approach. Needless to say, I’m slowly rebranding this blog with more PR Tips. We will leave the entertainment news up to When Magazine which is Clean, Positive & Factual for a reason.

Now .. what this post is truly about .. what you’ve all been waiting for … the video with TIPS FOR YOUTUBE MUSICIANS AND INDIE ARTISTS!

Doug DeneveMy PR Mentor, CEO of When Magazine and Business Partner, Doug Deneve with over 25 years in the talent industry, starting his career at Belmont University and having internships across the nation with major record labels such as MCA Records and more – shares with you some great tidbits of information in the video below. Doug started When Magazine in 1999 in hopes of reaching people for God and also shining a light of hope on those that are lost yet afraid to come out of the darkness. I came on board When Magazine seven years ago, and then started my PR agency with him as partner in 2009. Thanks Doug for sharing your tips with those who need to hear it, Youtube Musicians and Indie Artists of all kinds.

My friends, this is not a pitch, but straight up, pure, valuable advice for Youtube “Celebrity” and “Non-Celebrity” Musicians as well as any Indie Artists alike.

We are going to be offering a lot more of this kind of stuff here at so strap yourself in and take a ride on the development train. If you need promotion or any other services, CONTACT US after the video. (not required).

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