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Honor Starts at Home | Courageous Interview with Character Rookie Cop, Actor Ben Davies on When Magazine Radio October 29, 2011

(DreamsPublicity.com) – October 21, 2011COURAGEOUS The Movie hit the box office Sept. 30, 2011, made aprox. $2 Million in pre sales and generated another $21 Million already in theaters (Now Playing) … This interview with character rookie cop, David Thomson (BEN DAVIES “in real life”) … WHEN’s MISSION with this interview is to touch the lives of men across the globe emphasizing that HONOR STARTS AT HOME!BenDavies_2

Sherwood Pictures previously released Flywheel, Facing The Giants and Fireproof with the direction of Alex Kendrick.

When Magazine Radio has a proven track record with their first radio interview being with Co Producer of Facing The Giants and Fireproof, David Nixon, also Director of Letters to God and owner of DNP Studios in Orlando, FL. Now When Magazine Radio will be interviewing BEN DAVIES in a 30 minute exclusive radio show. Read Below.

Ben, the son of the reputable owners of “ADVANTAGE MODELS & TALENT” has been appearing in commercials since the age of Six Months Old. He has dedicated his life to not only the arts but to athletics as well. He played rookie cop, David Thomson in COURAGEOUS, is the star of “New Hope” and is set to appear in a few 2012 films as well.

Another little known fact is that Ben’s mom is reported to have started Miley Cyrus in her modeling career. This may lead to other future interviews for When Magazine Radio, a division of When Magazine Online, 12 year Clean, Positive & Factual media outlet dedicated to making a difference.

“We want to support and encourage young families, offer a hand-up to people in need, and help redirect people on destructive paths—all in Jesus’ name.”Sherwood Pictures (on Where Does The Money Go?)

This show with Ben Davies is set to stream live online at http://radio.whenmagazine.com on the date of Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 1pm Eastern, 12pm Central, 10am Pacific.

Be sure to tune in and join the twitter discussion using both hashtags: #WhenMagRadio and #Courageous.




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