Billboard’s Woman of The Year is NONE OTHER Than …


So … Billboard has named “Billboard’s Woman of The Year … PFT! ha ha!

… It doesn’t even deserve a drumroll. Yeah, you guessed it, none other than TAYLOR SWIFT!

Now, hear me out here. I BY FAR have anything against Taylor Swift. As a matter of fact, I’m a huge fan. She’s beautiful and talented. I HAVE HER AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO HANGING BESIDE MY DESK! … okay, now that we got that cleared up.

Couldn’t they have placed somebody “else” in the spotlight. Its almost like they were running down to the last 5 minutes of having to announce a winner, they weren’t prepared and Badda Bing, Badda Boom … “Who else could we have thought of then Taylor Swift?” (Billboard didn’t say this. I’m role playing on what might have went down at “BILLBOARD HEADQUARTERS”).

Why Taylor Swift?

Why NOT Adele? Yeah, we think Adele would have been a better fit, or at the very least, Lady Gaga! I mean, seriously, Who has spent more time at #1 on the charts?

I’m over it! Besides, I do have a crush on Taylor. Thanks Big Machine Records, Natalie Kilgore (pause: interview coming to #WhenMagRadio with Natalie soon). Oops! Cat out of the bag. That’s okay OH YEAH AND CONGRATS TAYLOR SWIFT! Muah!



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Article by Curt Bizelli

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