Trace Adkins is Grateful For What He No Longer Has – Interview Excerpts from – An Attitude of Gratitude

Trace Adkins on – Note – He recently suffered a huge blow by losing a lot of things in a fire that took place in his Nashville, TN home. Our hearts go out to him.

“I remember when I was first starting out and I was opening up for everybody and I would hear these guys go out onstage and just do 90 minutes of nothing but hits,” Adkins said.

“I just thought, ‘Wow, man, I can’t wait someday if I can ever get to that point. That must be nice.’ And it is, man. When you get to go out there and you can rip off four or five tunes that were hits and then hit them with something new…. It’s really a cool point to finally be able to do that.”

– Trace Adkins Interviewed – from


Dear Trace,

We’re proud you’re here and doing what you’re doing. Our prayers go out to your family for entire protection and blessings from the Lord above. Prayerfully, you’ll soon be more than fully restored after your home loss in the Nashville, TN fire. Prayerfully, you’ll find so much new to give you peace that you forget about the material items that you lost. Our hearts go out to you, buddy. God bless!

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What can YOU learn from this story:

Be humble and grateful, for the Good Lord put you in this earth, he can take you out as well as anything you might own. Store up your treasures in Heaven, for this is the final resting place if you’re right with God.

Using Entertainment to get right with God:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I know I’m a sinner, but I also know you paid the price for me. I accept Jesus into my heart. All glory, Thank you! – Amen

~ If you prayed to accept Jesus into your heart, let us know about it ~ leave a comment below ~ 

God Bless Your Success,

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