BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Kimmel says to a Child that God Does NOT Watch Over Us – on ABC Show Last Night!


You haven’t heard this elsewhere besides the tweets myself and some others have been putting out using Hashtag #TakeJimmyOff … There is reason to be concerned by what Jimmy Kimmel said to a child on his ABC show last night. He came out and said to the kid’s face, “God does not watch over us, but … blah blah blah” …. BOTTOM LINE: This is the moral injustice that is plaguing our nation and our world. What happened to “In God We Trust” … Either ignore it and deal with the consequences later or Stand with me and others to make a difference in the Media (by speaking out against this “wrong”). Whatever path you choose, share your opinion

While I attempt to look up a recording of the show last night, please share your thoughts & feelings by tweeting Hashtag #TakeJimmyOff .. as well as Leaving a Comment Below!
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Article by Curt Bizelli

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  1. Curt,

    I think it is so sad that Jimmy Kimmel honestly believes that God is not watching over us. It says something about what has changed in our Country. It is not surprising. I mean we are raising kids who are not allowed to pray in school,have Easter or Christmas break etc. so we really should not be shocked. What we need to do is pray. Pray for Jimmy Kimmel that God would touch him in such a mighty way that he has no doubt God is watching not just over him but all of us. So tonight when you are praying for your family and praying for your kids and our Country, pray for Jimmy too. He needs our prayers more than any of us probably realize.


    1. Amen Lynette, thanks for your comment. He definitely needs prayer, but then again who of us does not? I mainly find it a shame that he said it to a 10 year old child. It only perpetuates the cycle of evil in this world, which is why I cling to the words, “In this world you will have trouble but take heart for I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33 – Be blessed Lynette & Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey Curt…I haven’t seen it but I will say this in general. I’m not surprised of the way Jimmy Kimmel believes but the arrogance to talk to a child in that way is another indication that the media truly believe they are above reproach and make up an elite ruling class.

    Remember “Pride goes before the fall” and if Jimmy continues to flaunt his ignorance (as many do in that field) in the form of a so-called “superior wisdom” then I can only pray that he comes to a place where he sees the truth about God who loves and adores him. But if he doesn’t…even the God who loves him won’t make the decision to save Jimmy from his own stupidity and foolishness.

  3. Didn’t see or hear it. I’m not a religious person but I do respect people’s beliefs, so I do understand how this would be offensive. However, late night talk shows do what they do without fear of offending anyone. And that seems to be ok with most. If I were to attack or boycott or be angry at anyone in this case it would be against anyone removing the word God from the Pledge of Allegiance or anything like it. I don’t even know who that person or group is but I’d start there. Even being non-religious, I find it strange that God is being removed from so many things. We are the USA and God was always a part of why we are the greatest country.

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