Our CMA Fest Nashville Trip – Some Pictures From Music City!

Alright, so myself and my business partner, Doug Deneve had a super time in Music City about a month ago (June) during CMA Fest. It was my first trip to Nashville, TN and really the first trip “in a long time” that I’d took to really get away from my I reside. So, let’s say after walking over 20 miles in downtown Nashville, going up and down on the Hilton and Renaissance Hotel elevators (just for fun), we had a blast. I’m sorry its taken me THIS DANG LONG to write a post about it. See, we made a lot of business connections as well, and I’m still playing catch up. Let’s just say its been hectic, but biz-ness is gooooood!

People I met, Buildings Downtown, and Music Row!!!

I met many indie artists, some that I may be signing in the near future. I met King Baby, Daryl Singletary and got to see the small 2 story house that Big Machine Records, Taylor Swift’s publicist resides in. It was amazing. I was astounding that these businesses on Music Row weren’t in high sky rises. Of course there were some such as CMT, AT&T to name a couple, but all of the record execs are on two strips called “music row” in which “most of them” are 2 story houses. (interesting fact).

There is a new guy on the scene – still haven’t figured out if he’s related to Troy Gentry, but his name is Bill Gentry and I spoke with his bassist the first night I was there. Then later on, my fate, a guy selling his CDs just gave me one! I was truly treated like a VIP while I was in Music City, not to mention Bill Gentry’s big ole’ head plastered about 4 stories high across the entire side of a building.


I was blown away! Can you believe it? When you’re walking down the streets in downtown Nashville, this is if you’re not already on Broadway listening to all the bands coming out from the venues (door to door), there are Music Juke Boxes lining the streets so that when you stop at a cross walk, you hear music playing. Doug probably though I was crazy cause this excited me so much I was practically jumping up and down (not really, but it was “neat”).

There is a lot more to be said, but only so much time. I may be going back for ICM Awards in October. I’ll keep you posted.

Dang, wish I could upload those pics from my phone with us going up and down 25 stories in the hotels! Anyway, here are a few pics from our trip! If anybody knows anything about data cables for smartphones, let me know! 🙂


This was  a transformational journey for me, because I stepped out of my comfort zone and allowed GOD TO LEAD! and He did amazing things! Amen! (this was a the first church we came across; we were called to stop in; the next pic shows the huge cross they had on their huge campus. They fed us).


Daryl Singletary CMA Fest 2011 © copyright Curtis R Bizelli - Manifest Your Dreams Publicity
Daryl Singletary CMA Fest 2011 hugging a fan © copyright Curtis R Bizelli - Manifest Your Dreams Publicity
God was telling us we did our job and He was satisfied with us.

That’s just a TASTE. Soon I’ll have the videos posted. Also check into When’s Friends on When Magazine for more pictures from the Nashville trip soon to be posted in the When’s Friend’s Photo Gallery.


God Bless Your Success,

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Article by Curt Bizelli

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