Secrets of Social Media You Learned in High School (Convince & Convert)

Secrets of Social Media You Learned in High School


(syndicated author: Bill Murtha, President and CEO of Roberts Communications)
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Cliques and groups define you

Who’s your audience? What are they thinking and feeling? What’s important and relevant to them? In high school, I spanned a bunch of cliques, groups, even a few lame gangs. We had juicers, druggies, motor heads, hippies (yes I’m that old,) rockers, heavy metal rockers, jocks and nerds in my HS. And that’s not an exhaustive list. But in each case, as I’d weave through my angst filled teenage years jumping from group to group, each had its own coda, jargon, ethics, special interests, badges of honor (or dishonor) and tests of loyalty.

If you wanted to be part of one – you had to connect with authenticity. Fake it or fail the test – sniff, whiff or otherwise –and you’d never really be accepted or “in.”

Sound familiar?
Word spreads fast (True or not)

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