What do the Daytime Emmy Award Nominations have to tell us about People’s Inner Most Desires? (Uncovering a Hidden Secret in The Media Industry)!!!

What do the Daytime Emmy Award Nominations have to tell us about People’s Inner Most Desires? (Uncovering a hidden secret in the media industry)!!!


“Most” people are sick of junk & trash on TV. They are sick & tired of turning on the “Boob Tube” and seeing none other than BOOBS! But seriously, ABC News and Fox News are notorious for picking apart all of the garbage that lines the world’s streets and to be honest with you: You may not have known it until now (resource: The truth powered by The Truth): Television and Newspaper News don’t even speak the truth. Or at the very least they leave out all of the most important facts. The best truth you’re going to find is by researching yourself online and using your own common sense to tell you, “this isn’t true” or “this is bad.” (“The truth powered by The Truth“).

According to The Hollywood Reporter on May 11, 2011, PBS outbeat ABC in the Daytime Emmy Award  Nominations by one vote. Your first thought would be, “PBS doesn’t stand a chance against ABC.” but that’s not the case folks. Its out there. In people’s minds and hearts. They DESIRE Clean, Positive & Factual as well as Uplifting messages, especially with all of the trash in the world and the economy the way it is.

We have several sites to bring YOU just this and I mentioned “THE TRUTHFUL” one above. Now, I’d like for you to start off by visiting a 12 year online veteran in the media sector at www.WhenMagazine.com where NO TRASH is allowed. It is factual however Clean & Positive through and through.

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