(Pro Bono) Joan Marie Art UPDATE Shares Her Dream on Ed Elliott’s “Share Your Dream Friday” (June 24th)

Joan Marie Shares HER DREAM!


Again, its all about Inspired Connections. Those are the two words I like to use to describe my contacts across the globe, because they truly inspired by The Holy Spirit / Divine Creator / GOD!

Edward aka “Ed” Elliott came into my life over one year ago. I believe we met on the infamous Facebook or a syndication tribe. We hit it off as Brothers in Christ. Nowadays, Ed is making a huge impact on people’s lives with his well respected and innovative “Share Your Dream Friday” … now located at http://shareyourdreamfriday.com – We appreciate him for allowing our latest signature client, Joan Marie … to Share HER Dream on “Share Your Dream Friday” – TRULY AMAZING SHOWCASE OVER THERE YOU HAVE TO SEE! … Go There Now! Click Here!

I’m thrilled and overjoyed to introduce to you Edward’s newly launched website for “Share Your Dream Friday” that now (as of yesterday, June 24, 2011) showcases Joan Marie’s Dreams (in both written and video format!) for you to enjoy and be INSPIRED.

Click on the link below to READ and WATCH this powerful testimony of DREAMS!


Disclaimer: Joan Marie Art’s contract with Dreams Publicity ™ ended on June 20, 2011. We still stand behind her 100% in her career endeavors. She continues to HOST #WhenMagRadio, and we pray to have her back on the client roster in the future.

God Bless Your Success,

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Article by Curt Bizelli

Curt "CBiz" Bizelli is a dedicated, Christian Entrepreneur assisting others with passion and purpose. Anointed CEO of Manifest Your Dreams ™ & @PoweredByTruth Eternal Affairs Media ™ outlet ... Speaking TRUTH & LIFE! Publicist & Viral Marketing Strategist, and Activist & Watchman of The End Times!

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