Important Communication In Reference to Nashville Publicity Group Not Being Dreams Publicity’s “Partner” (My Public Apology to Brian Mayes) …

Hi there,

Curt Bizelli here, and I’m back from Music City. Thanks for all the twitter & facebook support along the road. I’ll be making another post soon in reference to our trip (Heck, It may take a “few” posts to cover everything).

Anyway, I was confronted by a well respected PR professional, Brian Mayes with Nashville Publicity Group representing artists such as Collin Raye and Trip Lee (in which we’ve published things for in the past).

I wish to make a clear, distinctive communication to show ethical practices as well as the utmost respect for Brian, his team and clients. This communication is that I used words such as “partner” in the past to post things related to Nashville Publicity Group’s clients as well as official news releases. Of course, I did have permission from Brian Mayes to publish the items, however IT MUST BE NOTED that when I used the word “partner” (which has been removed from this site entirely), I was actually misrepresenting the relationship between Dreams Publicity and Nashville Publicity Group. This was NOT my intentions .. and My sincerest apologies to Brian Mayes, his team and his clients for this honest mistake.

I pray that this clears up any mis-guidance as well as informs you of my TRUE ETHICS and INTENTIONS in this matter and all others regarding our agency (for it is PR professional’s job to communicate efficiently and be prompt in manners “such as this”).

Thank You Brian for Your Guidance and Again, My Sincerest and Public Apologies!
God Bless Your Success,

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Article by Curt Bizelli

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