Charice – Upcoming New Single Produced by Bruno Mars, “Before It Explodes”

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In the interview with Ricardo F. Lo, after Bruno Mars answered questions about his Filipino heritage, the interviewer asked him if had already worked with a Filipino artist. Mars answered, “Yeah. I just produced a song for Charice. It’s called “Before They Explode. He also described it as a love song — “It says, ‘We have to stop the madness before our love explodes.”

The topic is trending all over twitter as “Before It Explodes” @DreamsPublicity & @DreamsENT_Inc has found it very amazing how @OfficialCharice is SO SUPPORTED BY HER FANS! I’ve never seen anything like it. received over 1000 hits to a Charice Article in 2 months just due to exposure via these “chasters”.

We believe the term, “Before IT Explodes” refers to the fact that this song is not out yet, and its fixing to explode. Here’s a sample, produced by Bruno Mars.



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