Top 13 Things To Do Before Initiating a Social Media Campaign – The Ultimate PR 2.0 Checklist

Ok, so we all must have a plan. We don’t go out into the night without a flashlight and we don’t go into business or social media without a plan. Here is a fine checklist of Some Top 13 Things To Do Before Initiating a Social Media Campaign.


  1. Ask the question, “Why social media and what are we expecting to get out of engaging in the social sphere.”
  2. Develop a social media policy
  3. Which executives will participate in the program and determine the their time commitment
  4. Share the policy with members of your organizations (build internal brand champions by establishing a participatory culture)
  5. Set up monitoring and tracking of your brand, products and any trends that relate to your market (via free tools and paid software)
  6. Listen to conversations in various social networks to see if your customers or other stakeholders are active in those communities and to pinpoint conversations relevant to your brand
  7. Continue to observe communities for culture and interaction between community members
  8. Identify who are the important influencers you would like to reach (from A-list bloggers to trendsetters and the magic middle) and what issues concern them
  9. Decide who in the organization is going to manage information and direct continuous conversations and relationships (a community manager or social media manager)
  10. Dissect information gathered in communities and share with other members/departments in your organization
  11. Process the information within your organization and use it to provide insight and feedback in communities (and to also develop your communication strategy and content to share) or to place back into your product development cycle to enhance your offering for customers.
  12. Determine a measurement strategy for engagement (participation could include leads/sales, conversations, registration, membership, education, authority, etc.)
  13. Think about your budget and resources before you start your social media program.

SOURCE: Putting the Public Back In Public Relations


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Article by Curt Bizelli

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