“Living Your Life on Fire” – Joan Marie, Inspirational Show Host on When Mag Radio (being INTERVIEWED)


UPDATE: Click Here for The Interview with Inspirational Artist, Joan Marie!


“Living Your Life on Fire” – Joan Marie, Inspirational Show Host on When Mag Radio (being INTERVIEWED)

St. Louis, MO — (March 23, 2011): She is When Mag Radio’s show host and regular interviewing reporter, but now for the first time, Joan Marie will be interviewed herself so you the audience can receive a deeper understanding of who she really is, a true Child of God with gifts galore that is. Joan Marie is an inspirational book author, speaker and intuitive artists. She paints her abstract paintings to your favorite song. She genuinely Lives her Life on Fire in which “Living Your Life on Fire” is her upcoming self help book. She’s on TOP of the client list at Manifest Your Dreams Publicity and she is on TOP of her game, in the prime of her life. Be sure to tune in for a remarkable show filled with Love, Fun and Laughter. Thursday, March 24th at 7pm EST/6pm CST.

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  1. A very interesting concept – how she paints your favorite song. Very cool. The interviewer is a little canned though. He sounds like he is reading a script. Very odd. Thanks for sharing her art and the interview.

    1. Hi Nicole, thanks for stopping by and checking out the interview. George Dewey Hinds is the interviewer your speaking of. I believe that is just his way of speaking 🙂

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