Stormy Montana: The Next Grammy Award Winner! Short Music Review by Curt Bizelli …


The first one is the better of the two videos, in my opinion, however I just had to include the EPK for promotional purposes (of course) and also because Stormy Montana’s “Weary Angel” is an excellent song in which reminds me of a song I wrote years back called “Eerie Angel” … now that I think of it … I was talking to her at that time and I may have shared it with her 😉 hehe!

With all seriousness though, Stormy did an excellent job on both pieces of work. “Weary Angel” is very original; nothing like the creepy song I wrote years back; just the tune sounds a little the same. That’s about it. “Sing This City Home” is an official video that not only Stormy did an incredible job starring in, the producers and those behind the scenes did a lovely job putting the piece together as well. All I have to say is keep doing “whatcha” doing Stormy. As I’ve always said, you have a bright future ahead of you.

Enjoy these videos from the next Grammy Award Winner: Stormy Montana! and be sure to visit her site listed below!


EPK (which features both, “Sing This City Home” and “Weary Angel”)

AND HERE – Check Out The Bloopers on:

Stormy  Montana’s Official Website!


God Bless Montana … oh I mean … Nashville !!!

Here is an Exclusive Interview I did with Stormy back when she was 13 years old 🙂

Published on Yahoo – Associated Content: The People’s Media Co.

Stormy Montana Interview~ STORMY MONTANA 13 YEAR OLD INTERVIEW ~
Published on Yahoo – Associated Content: The People’s Media Co.

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