The King of Country Performance (in) Wynn Las Vegas: Strong demand prompted $110 increase in Garth Brooks ticket prices | Are Brooks Tickets Overpriced? … considering Garth's Core Values!


“It wasn’t that Brooks had grown immune to the rush of thousands of fans cheering him on when he packed sports arenas and concert theaters around the country, or that he’d run out of songs he relished singing. But following the collapse of his marriage, he’d promised his daughters — who were 4, 6 and 8 at the time — to make his family the top priority in his life until all three went off to college, and that simply wasn’t compatible with a hard-touring road hound like Brooks.”

– Los Angeles Times Entertainment

We believe Garth Brooks is a remarkable man “at heart” but does he deserve a $110 per seat pay raise?

From the looks of it, if you compare Garth Brooks’ intimate shows in Las Vegas with that of other Average Las Vegas Entertainers, the tickets appear to be overpriced especially since “a strong demand” prompted a $110 increase in Garth Brooks ticket prices … Are Brooks Tickets Overpriced?

It appears to us that the tickets were in fact “underpriced” significantly., and according to Wynn Resorts Chairman, Steve Wynn, They weren’t even competing with the Average Las Vegas Entertainer ticket at around $85.00. We don’t see how the claim made by Wynn is true considering the ticket price for a Garth Brooks Wynn Las Vegas Ticket WAS $143 before the price spike.

But Nonetheless, I mean we’re talking GARTH BROOKS here, right? The King of Country Performance!

Ticket prices will go from $143 to $253, including taxes and fees. Wynn Resorts Chairman and Chief Executive Steve Wynn said even with the price increase, he believes tickets for Brooks’ shows are still underpriced; not competing with average entertainers.

I mean we’re talking GARTH BROOKS here, right? The King of Country Performance! … I say again.

But a person named Curtis notes  in an article on Las Vegas Review Journal .com, “This annual exercise gets harder to pull off every year. The reasons help explain numbers that seem to run contrary to rampant room-and-restaurant discounting in the face of hard times.”

The arena that Brooks began performing at in 2009 only contained aprox. 1,500 people seated. That is NOTHING compared to the shows he’s done in the past before his retirement.

Should such an Intimate Encounter with (I say again), The King of Country Performance cost way more than say, $200?$300? $400?

According to our research, about the most that Garth made before his retirement in 2001 was only $45 per seat, but then again, that was a different time and age! The economy has seen massive inflation especially in the purchasing of concert tickets. Refer to How Much Do You Really Have to Pay for Live Music? (written by “myself” in 2006).

This is some of what Garth Brooks holds valuable to him about the subject:

There is one facet of the deal that clearly still gnaws at Brooks: ticket costs. Brooks historically kept prices on his concert tours ridiculously low by contemporary standards: $25 or less.

He noted that the highest price for a ticket to a Garth Brooks concert to date was for five benefit shows he did early last year at Staples Center in Los Angeles as a benefit for firefighters and victims of Southern California wildfires that had raged the previous fall.

“That was to raise money for somebody and tickets were 45 bucks, which I thought was crazy,” he said.

Wynn had suggested tiered ticket prices, allowing some seats in the back of the theater to be priced more in keeping with what Brooks fans have been accustomed to, while the middle and front-row seats would be closer to what other top-name acts on the Las Vegas Strip charge.

That idea also ran counter to Brooks’ philosophy that fans shouldn’t get preferential treatment just because they’re financially better off.

Los Angeles Times Entertainment

Personally, We stand behind the decision to increase Garth Concert Tickets. He’s been my favorite singer since a child, and he deserves, especially with his big heart, to at least get paid what he’s worth if not more!

… But “then again” if I were behind the deal, I’d want to make Garth happy according to his values and beliefs as well. What do YOU think?

God Bless!

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