Strategic Opportunity for Apple to buy Facebook? | What Apple Plans To Do With its Now $51 Billion in Cash!


Peter Kafka at All Things Digital was recently reported by TUAW: The Unofficial Apple Weblog for stating that he thinks Steve Jobs might actually want to buy Facebook with some new money they’ve acquired. His reasoning is that Jobs, when asked what Apple plans to do with its now $51 billion in cash, said, “We firmly believe that one or more unique strategic opportunities will present itself to us, and we’ll be in a position to take advantage of it.” ONE SUCH “UNIQUE STRATEGIC OPPORTUNITY” MIGHT JUST BE “FACEBOOK”!!! … and Here’s Why ? ? ?

Facebook AND Apple ?

Jobs and Facebook founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg met for dinner the other day. (hmm?)

Many presumed that they were simply discussing Facebook Connect and Ping integration, however “what if” it were something more such as a “unique strategic opportunity?”

Kafka at All Things Digital believes that Apple acquiring Facebook makes logical sense because Facebook doesn’t compete with Apple in any considerable way, and Facebook is something that Apple could not compete against even if it wanted to. Not to mention, Facebook is already competing with Google, which has to make Jobs like it undoubtedly more.

TUAW: The Unofficial Apple Weblog goes on to speculate:
What would Apple buying Facebook lead to? Every Facebook user would probably automatically have an iTunes Store account. FaceTime chat could be integrated into Facebook chat, potentially leading to increased sales of iOS devices. If Apple continues down the road of using not only phone numbers, but email addresses and eventually Facebook IDs as designated FaceTime “phone numbers,” then 500 million users would already have a FaceTime ID to use when all telephony goes VoIP.

Apple has the cash to buy Facebook outright (Facebook is valued at around US $25-35 billion), but will they? Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg seem to share a lot of traits (not to mention both having had movies made about them), but could two of the most powerful people in tech — with equally powerful egos — work together?

Furtheremore, I’d like to know what this would do for Apple as well as Facebook’s Future Options in the Market. Leave your feedback as to what you think in the comment section (on this post).

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Article by Curt Bizelli

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