21 Ideal Ways To Get Publicity and Increase Your Exposure Both Online and Off: Mr. PR aka Robert Smith shares some Ideal Publicity Tips to Increase Sales

Robert Smith aka Mr. PR dealt me a mighty hand this afternoon with some excellent Publicity Tips. I thought this would be perfect for those of you wanting to attain higher levels of online and offline “presence” … Be sure to check out the link to Robert’s blog at the end of the 21 Ways to Get Publicity and Increase Sales!

I’ve discovered 21 ways you can get publicity to promote your business, get new customers, boost sales, and have lots of fun.

  1. Call the radio station when you hear ” We have open lines.” and talk about issues that your expertise solves.
  2. Give an award. (Find influential people in your community or industry and give them an award.)
  3. Get an editorial calendar from publications you’d like to be in and find out upcoming stories that fit your expertise.
  4. Arrange round up articles with other experts in your industry.
  5. Host your own radio show.
  6. Write articles for newspapers and magazines.
  7. Write Op/Ed columns for newspapers.
  8. Write a letter to the editor.
  9. Write a tip sheet. ( 21 Ways to…)
  10. Write a guest column for newspapers.
  11. Write a how-to article.
  12. Write and send press releases to the media.
  13. Start your own free local cable access TV show. (Contact local cable company)
  14. Speak for local civic groups and announce in their newsletters.
  15. Go where the cameras are. Read calendar of events section in your newspaper or call newsroom and ask what events are they covering.
  16. Call photographers desk at local newspapers and volunteer your office or building for backdrop or special issue stories.
  17. Write a pitch letter.
  18. Set up referrals with other well-known experts. Refer reporters to each other.
  19. Send reprints of articles to other media outlets and offer additional information.
  20. Create your own special day. (Visit www.chases.com)
  21. Call the media on slow news days (weekends and holidays) and suggest a story.

Robert Smith aka Mr. PR is a leading publicity expert and founder of www.championmediaworldwide.com

~ ~ Thank you for your time! Curt CBiz Bizelli

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