CMA Underwood – Entertainer of the Year 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards goes to Carrie Underwood

CMA Underwood - Carrie Underwood Entertainer of the Year 2010

I saw CMA Carrie Underwood THANK THE LORD when she received Entertainer of the Year Award
this is how it all began

I woke up a little after 9pm on Sunday, April 18th. To my astonishment, the CMA’s were still on the boob tube! I began to watch intently considering I had been waiting for this for over a month – voting online. I missed LL Cool J, it appears, however I did get to see an awesome act by Brooks & Dunn. They didn’t play “You’re Gonna Miss Me” like I voted for, but they did have a sweet performance of “My Maria” – It did seem that they may have had a sound glitch however. I don’t know if anybody else recognized this or not as Ronnie Dunn pulled his ear piece out after some weird mic drops during the performance.

CMA Underwood - Carrie Underwood 02 Entertainer of the Year 2010 Country Music Awards

What are you waiting for? I saw Carrie Underwood THANK THE LORD when she received Entertainer of the Year Award for “this year” 2010. It was a true blessing, being a God Fearing Man that for once (yes, for once) the celebrities didn’t leave out God. The most spectacular thing to see was that after Carrie thanked God in her first speech for “another award”, all of the contenders were thanking God, Amazing How that Happens!

Congratulations to Carrie Underwood and the rest of the winners of the CMA’s. If you’re interested in exactly what went down at the Academy of Country Music Awards 2010, here is an awesome TIMELINE by Ledger-Enquirer.comThank you for reading and God Bless You!

Curt “CBiz” Bizelli
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Article by Curt Bizelli

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