Science and Religion AGREEING ON ONE THING: The Law of Attraction!

It is said in the world of sales that the sales representative must truly believe in what they are selling or the potential client will not be intrigued either. It’s also fundamental to mimic body language. Don’t act like a fool by making it very obvious, however simply lean forward if they do. If they nod their head, you should too. In this sense, you’re creating body chemistry with your potential customer. It will go along way in opening up the lines of verbal communication.

The following quote also reflects the idea of manifesting what you want via a positive attitude, which is very helpful to know in sales, advertising, and marketing (however is useful in everyday life from being a teacher to a police officer to a human resources rep.).

While the law of attraction may sound like pseudoscience, it is hard to argue that having a positive attitude about life would not have some kind of beneficial impact on a person, and bring the things they truly want or need into their lives.”

It’s not even up for argument. It is obvious that the Law of Attraction exists. I would like for you to take a moment and watch a video “in the previous blog” from a Pastor and view his input on the subject. My goal is for you to find a product or service you believe in, to be passionate about it, and most of all … believe in yourself! It will go a really long way, especially if you‘re in a marketing career! (He doesn’t talk about marketing. He is religious, and he will talk primarily about the Law of Attraction and utilize Bible Scripture TO ACTUALLY PROVE its existence – AMAZING! You never thought that science and religion would be so closely combined, Did you?

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Article by Curt Bizelli

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