Your Business Priorities "at a glance" – please provide input

Hi there,

I’ve created a quick list in no particular order of some common daily tasks that you are most likely to come across when you are running your own business OR are in upper management, etc. (I personally am having a hard time prioritizing my time). I would like your input on where each of these fits on the “list” of “most important” and “least significance”.


Marketing/Advertising (including social networking, email campaigns, and advertising deals)

Website Production


SEO (search engine optimization “for” both the website, social networks, and blog)

“Actual” WORK (in my case, it would be divided into primarily: Freelance Writing, When Mag Business, Talent Scouting – PR, and Public Safety

Checking & Responding to Email (can be a complicated task “in itself” when you have more than one email account.)

Personal Social Networks (initially for friends & family, however can also develop new business contacts through this.)

Organizing (cleaning up desk, organizing computer files, etc.)

(not to forget …) where does “the rest” of your personal life fit into this hectic schedule?
… also if there is anything that you would add to this list, please comment so WITH your priority list recommendation!

Thank you very much for your time and assistance! God Bless!

Curt Bizelli

Article by Curt Bizelli

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  1. Adrian, Even though I don’t quite agree with putting marketing and advertising first. (I actually believe in organization & management first) … I checked out your website, and I still think you have a lot of great intelligent content to offer. I will most definately be following you! TC and God Bless!
    – Curt B.

    P.S. To the rest of my readers: I want more advice! Keep it coming! THANK YOU!

  2. This is a very good question which is a common problem for most entrepreneurs and business people.

    I have found that when I start my day (with cup of coffee in hand) I like to do light weight stuff like cleaning emails, checking twitter, facebook posts and messages.

    After the coffee has given me an energy boost, I move to the things that are higher up in priority on my list. The major things get done between this time. If you have a “real” job, this would be the time to do that.

    I use this time, to write blog posts and take care of any creative and mind intensive tasks.

    Marketing, affiliate program and email writing campaigns are also done during the height of my physical and mental creative state.

    I do most of my social networking on Facebook and Twitter during the evening hours when most people are on.

    I work late nights because the world is quiet (no twitter or fb distractions). This is when I do technical and automated tasks like maintaining and updating blogs, seo and website production.

    I am a big on making lists, setting goals and work schedules so I try to stay focused on getting those things done.

    Social networking and social media can be very time consuming and distracting if you don’t have the right strategy for making it all work together with your own personal life.

    Cleaning my desk is another story. But they say a messy desk is a sign of a creative mind but then again they say a cluttered desk, a cluttered mind so I’m sure I need help in this area. lol

    Hope this helped some. Thanks for asking for my input!!

    To your success!!
    ~Nancy Perez

  3. I would definitely put advertising and marketing first. You ALWAYS need to be filling the pipeline and closing new customers. As a wise man once said “ABC- Always be closing” – Glen Gary Glen Ross

  4. Thank you, Lowe … I’m moving on to organizing right now.
    Others, there is plenty of time to leave your feedback – it will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,
    Curt B.

  5. I would put organizing first then e mail and networking and then everything else shell follow as you have it like learning and so forth it may need tweeking Tylowe

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